Skills, I need in business life

Almost all of us struggle in business life.

When I say struggle, do not think that I am disturbed by this struggle. This struggle, which we go through with difficulty from time to time and easily from time to time, is personally a pleasure for me.

It is necessary to be in the right place at the right time to come to a good place in this struggle, but;

But you also have to be the right person.

To be the right person, we need to have some knowledge and abilities.

We also need to have a lot of knowledge and skills that vary according to the job, but I will talk about more general knowledge and skills that should be.



Communication ability.

We all talk, send e-mails, make hand gestures and from time to time make eyebrow and eye movements.

We communicate in a way, but this communication needs to be correct and meaningful both in private life and business life.

Getting a little training in hand movements and body language, which we call eyebrow-eye movements, will be beneficial in conveying our message to the other party correctly, and will also add value to you in terms of reading the other party’s message correctly.


Besides, it is important to read a lot (I say a lot, but I say a lot, even 20 minutes a day means 30 books a year) and make reading a habit in a daily routine to increase the selection and variety of words we use.

Confidence in your conversation is also important. If you trust yourself, the other person will also trust you.

Talking about things you know well gives you confidence and confidence in the other party.


Listening is as important as speaking, and even at the beginning of business life, especially active listening will gain you a lot. To say what it means to say a lot; can be summarized as both a rapid increase in your level of knowledge and showing that you respect the other party.


Communication means both concrete and abstract (perceptual) information flow.

If you want to be respected on the other side, you need to show that you respect your communication.

This respect should be clearly understood both in verbal communication and in mediums such as e-mail, electronic chat media, and social media.


Sales marketing ability.

Sales and marketing are not the only skill that must be acquired by friends who are professionally engaged in sales and marketing.

We all need to have this talent because we are already doing sales and marketing at every moment of life as in business life.

How Does?

You will marry, you are marketing yourself by giving a message of trust to the prospective spouse (by the way, you are also a candidate for the other party), the message of being happy, the message of not leaving, the message of staying healthy, and the message of being a good parent to prospective children.

You will get a job, many examples can be given such as marketing yourself by giving messages to the person who will hire you that you know the job well, that you will do well, that you are hardworking, that you will embrace the job.

When you look at it in this way, you will make continuous sales and marketing in business life. This will happen sometimes unwittingly and sometimes in a professional way.

So what are the abilities to have for sales and marketing?

First of all, the ability to know the market of the product you are selling well and to develop the market,

Then find new markets for your product, or develop new products that the current market needs,

The ability to do market research, who needs what, what kind of product, from which products, why there are complaints or dissatisfaction …

The ability to maintain an effective relationship with the customer

Finding a new customer is almost always more costly than continuing with an existing customer.

Therefore, it will be a great benefit for you to know your existing customers well and to keep your relations with these customers warm.

Every customer is important to your company, but not all customers are the same.

Every client’s needs are different. The point of view on the service you offer and the product you sell may be different.

Therefore, customer segmentation and being able to offer different approaches according to this segmentation is also a sales and marketing skill.

to be continued…

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