How I had to raise my salary?

After a few months of hiring, it is time to increase wages. So it’s time to raise.

We talked to the boss about how much increase will be made since I am a top manager. What the boss said was the inflation rate and putting 5 points on it.
In other words, 10 percent inflation would be increased by 15 percent. It sounded reasonable, I did not object.

An average of 15% increase will be made. There are around 100 managers and employees in total.
The boss sent me a list of all employees, including my name, and their current net salary.
Adnan Bey said the list is here and added time. In case you have to do it and send it by now.
If there was enough time, an application like balanced score card would be applied and a raise would be made accordingly, but there is no such thing. (By the way, a year is enough.)

It’s a tough process.

Why is it difficult?
It’s tough because you can’t send 15% to all of the ordinary. There is injustice between the employee and the unemployed.
It is difficult because there is a possibility to stretch objectivity and make decisions based on subjective opinions.

First, I said blue collars, and I called out a master who knows the blue collars and works on them.
I took the opinions of their subordinates saying one by one and gave them a point.
Later, I called another master who could know his workers best after that master and I got his opinion for the same workers.
The reason for this was to reduce subjectivity. In other words, I was trying to reduce the favoritism of the master, leaving his work aside, the people he loves the most or who are his fellow townsmen and whom he sees close to him.
No matter how professional we think, we definitely have employees we love more than others or less love than others. This is also normal. Because we are people, not machines. However, leaving aside the work we do, the way we do business, and the contribution they provide to the company, and making a decision in line with our personal views means that we cannot do our job well, as well as injustice and consequently cruelty.

Considering the result of my scoring, I kept the wages of blue-collar workers slightly above the average hike.
In other words, while I had to give a 15% raise on average, I gave blue collar workers a 20% increase on average. The reason for this was that their wages were lower than those of white collar workers.

Then I switched to white collar. Here again, I asked only positive opinions about white-collar workers.
What does this mean; This means, like, what do you like most about the job of your friend you work with. I also took opinions by saying that they should definitely not use a negative sentence. Let’s say if there are 10 white collar, I got 9 positive opinions for each white collar.

In addition, I called a few companies I know and talked to the two managers of these companies and received information about the wages for white-collar duties working here. For example, how many years your quality manager is experienced and how much net salary he is getting. Of course, they gave this information because they knew me, although it is information that cannot be obtained or even questioned normally.

As a result of these, I scored again and set the raise rates to be 12% on average, which was 15% when I included blue-collar workers.
Thanks to Excel.

Then I sent the list to the boss.
The boss sent the same list back to me. To complete the missing places.

I was on the list too, but of course I left my own wage increase blank. There is only one missing place.
We cannot come together mutually. It is not ethical, it is not right, to determine my own wage increase myself. In addition, this wage increase should show my contribution to the company, I will say that only you can evaluate it, but we cannot get together.
Of course, there may be a special effort of the boss in order not to come together.
I said I would call. He got into other subjects before he could open the subject. I get it, we won’t be able to talk about it because he doesn’t want to talk.

Anyway, as a result, the raise I made for myself was the lowest raise I had ever received.
Later, the boss increased the raise rate I made by himself by 5 points.

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