Management review meetings

In order to raise awareness of the curiosity of where we are, where we are going, the management meeting that the senior management has organized, 
sometimes monthly, sometimes six months, no later than a year, depending on the company's culture, or the management review meeting, as we call it, 
is the subject of this article.

The importance of management review meetings is indisputable, but their efficiency is debatable.
By examining and analyzing the current situation, determining the activities that need to be done in the short and medium term and allocating resources for these activities and determining the responsibilities and goals is the main topic of this meeting. The analysis obtained in this way and the decisions taken will clarify the company's vision for the future.
So, when we ask What are the issues that need to be addressed at management review meetings;
According to me, the requirements of ISO 9001 and a little more than 16949 quality management systems for the best content will be a good guide, as many topics can be considered in this regard.
Issues that need to be examined are basically

Additional measures or resources should be created for this if there is an activity that is inconsistent with the decisions you have taken at the previous management review meeting and the way these decisions are progressing.
Then what does the customer want from you in relation to the customer? to what extent can you meet these requests? are the products you have produced for the customer in accordance with the customer's requirements? does the customer have any discomfort (complaints) regarding the products they receive from you or the services you provide? or, conversely, what are the issues that your customers are most happy with you for the purpose of developing and distributing good practices
An examination of the products you produce or the environmental impacts resulting from the production of products or services may be the next issue. This issue should be addressed with the awareness of the compliance of the work with legal legislation and environmental responsibility.
It is extremely important to examine your company's performance and/or quality goals, to analyze the current situation and to show how effective your activities are and to provide the opportunity to develop inactive processes. Performance and / or quality goals are like ECG results, so to speak, for your company. When this data is analyzed, it gives senior management the luxury of saying, “Okay, we're doing well, let's keep it up,” or “what are we doing, we need to do something about it urgently.”
Examining proposals for potential improvement activities and examining the results of improvements is extremely important not only for your company to survive, but also for its attack and progress.
Gotta keep the standards have changed, then the formation of a new organizational unit in your organization, the elimination of existing organizational unit in your company, the arrival of a new production line in response to changes that may occur due to reasons such as system changes to be addressed should be the subject of another management review meeting. If something changes in your company, it is clear that your system also needs to change, at least it needs to be updated.
In relation to the above topic, both the decision on technological change as a high-level decision in accordance with the PEST analysis, as well as the identification and allocation of resources for technological changes, which you may be late in your situation, should again be the subject of these meetings.
Internal audits that you have done to evaluate the effectiveness of the system, which comes to our mind as a quality management system or only a management system when it is called a system, or 3. examination of the results of the party audits and, accordingly, making decisions on activities and assignments are again mandatory for these meetings.
No error-free, Perfect Company. These errors can occur both in internal and external audits and during normal operations, and it is undoubtedly very important for your company to take corrective actions against these errors or non-compliance, and to take preventive actions against potential non-compliance, even if they do not occur at all.
Of course, the performance of your suppliers, where you buy raw materials, auxiliary materials or receive products and support as subcontractors, such as timely delivery, product suitability, should also be examined at these meetings while you perform your normal production activities.
Being a good company is possible by producing quality products or services. But quality is not free and has a cost. This cost must also be in acceptable dimensions. So, when we say what is your quality cost, quality costs should also be addressed at management review meetings.
Depending on the process and also a very different process, different organizational units in your company with this many units organizasyonel their suitability to work with team spirit towards a common goal again, this should be dealt with in the management review meeting.
There are other issues, of course. But basically addressing the above issues and making rational decisions based on data within the framework of these issues will make management review meetings very efficient.


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