Is there anything new?

The boss’s son came to my my office where I was the general manager.

“Sir, something new?” he asked.

I stared him.

I touth that any mockery in the question, but the boy has always been respectful to me, thanks to him. Although I did not see any disrespect from any of the other employees.

Anyway, yes, I could not sense a slight mockery. He looks at my face with all his sincerity.

Which kind of new stuff? I asked.

“I don’t know manager, you have been taking action continuously since you came here, you are constantly making new things. Therefore, we are now used to new things and changes all the time. People are in expectation.”

He’s telling the truth.

Actually, I have a plan in writing and I haven’t shown it to anyone at work.

I am going under this plan, but I had to spread the activities in the plan over a longer period of time.

I thought I was moving a little fast, they couldn’t digest it.

Of course, my personal weakness like ‘being impatient’ is also effective here.

It is good to complete what needs to be done as soon as possible and get results, but on the other hand, the workplace has a problem of digesting and assimilating the innovations of the working staff.

Every new work you do has to be followed up until it penetrates into the corporate culture and becomes a part of the culture.

When you make a lot of innovations in a row, the subject of follow-up starts to hesitate, and when the follow-up is disrupted, the innovation is slowly disappearing before it can fully show its effect.

On one side of this work, on the other side, constantly getting new things out, getting used to the emergence of new things in the staff, thus making them ordinary means not paying enough attention to them. So it has a hypnotic effect. If something good or bad occurs constantly, the importance given gradually decreases even though it does not lose anything from its good or bad. You will no longer see it, this is what I mean by hypnotic effect. I’ll also call this “monkey appetite”, “So what’s next?” It will also lead to expectation.

You definitely have anecdotes like this.

I wait.

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