Entrepreneurship and spirit of adventure

Entrepreneurship is a subject that ignites most people because it nurtures the spirit of adventure of human and contains dreams.

I will not generalize by saying that everyone wants to be entrepreneurs, but most people do.
Few people can overwhelm their fears and despair to find the courage to be an entrepreneur.
Few of those who attempt to be an entrepreneur succeed.
Why is that?
There are two main reasons behind entrepreneurship.

These are;
1- Realizing your dreams
2-Being rich (wealthy)

Apart from these, there may be other reasons such as forced environment, etc. But I will not mention them.
Let’s first look at the second option. Because I want to eliminate this.
In my opinion; the success of a direct money-oriented venture to be rich is an impossible possibility if the enterprise is sitting on a legal basis. This is one of the main reasons why very few initiatives are successful. If the main focus of the enterprise which you set up or will establish is not a product or service, it is very unlikely that you attach customers who will add value to the enterprise and ensure it reaches its purpose. Therefore, if you want to attempt an attempt to become rich, I would say go ahead.

The first option includes the majority of successful initiatives.

Realize your dreams

Basically, it’s an approach that aims to prove the value of a bright idea in the person’s mind and oneself by thinking that they will agree(?). For this reason, it creates a strong internal energy for entrepreneurs against every struggle that will occur after the start-up begins.
This internal energy supports you when you are;
Working non-stop: it helps when you are working 7 days a week 20 hours a day, in part mentally and in part physically.
Struggling: It provides the power to fight against all kinds of problems that will arise. These problems can be caused by the physical structure of the product, new design problems, customer complaints, financial problems, etc.
Not giving up: entrepreneurs struggle, but the ability to continue fighting is also crucial to the success of the enterprise. Many enterprises that we have not heard of have given up after their internal energy has been exhausted after a lot of struggle. There are many entrepreneurs who hit rock bottom but didn’t give up and were born from their ashes. I am not giving names, but I guess someone is coming to your mind right now.
In my next article, I will talk about the mistakes made by entrepreneurs who have this internal energy and attempted an enterprise to realize their dreams.

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