Did someone say innovation?

Did someone say innovation?

“Did someone say innovation?”
Today, in the company which I am a consultant, Asst.Gn.Mng. and R&D Director Mr. Cumhur connects his computer to the presentation device to show me something from his computer. At first glance, I saw that the background image, which looks like a television setting pattern in vertical lines, is actually a pattern that it has designed to find files and directories on the desktop easely.
I like it so much. I immediately asked permission to take and share the photo by phone.

Mr. Cumhur has named each column. He put the files and folders on this subject in the management systems column. He put the files and folders related to R&D in the R&D column.
I like it because there are many computer users that their desktop is too messy like mine. It takes time to find out what’s on the desktop on the screen. He has produced a solution for such kind of situations.
I like it because there can be many solution methods for this problem, but Mr. Cumhur’s solution was very simple solution.
I like it because on the desktop of the computer 2nd S of the 5S system’s “Sort” principle has applied. This is something I saw for the first time.
The famous chess master Alekhine has a phrase that I use it time to time, “Simplicity is elegance.”
Yes it was very nice to be simple.
And also this was an innovation.

Innovation is a word that entered our daily life and sometimes appears where you never expected. If we go short way, innovation means reform and doing something in a new way.
This is sometimes an innovation in a product, sometimes in a process.
For example, putting cameras on mobile phones was an innovation.
Or it was a great innovation as a simple solution for Russians to use a pencil, although Nasa had to invent a pen to write in space in a non-gravity environment. (Although this example is a beatiful story, as I learned later, it is a hoax)
Innovation can be a solution to very complex problems with an innovative idea,
sometimes it can be in the form of finding an innovative and simple solution to our simple everyday problems.
In my opinion, this is the best innovation.

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