Skills, I need in business life

Yazar : Adnan KARAER

Almost all of us struggle in business life.
When I say struggle, do not think that I am disturbed by this struggle. This struggle, which we go through with difficulty from time to time and easily from time to time, is personally a pleasure for me.
It is necessary to be in the right place at the right time to come to a good place in this struggle, but;
But you also have to be the right person.
To be the right person, we need to have some knowledge and abilities.
We also need to have a lot of knowledge and skills that vary according to the job, but I will talk about more general knowledge and skills that should be.

Management review meetings

Management review meetings

Yazar : Adnan KARAER

In order to raise awareness of the curiosity of where we are, where we are going, the management meeting that the senior management has organized, sometimes monthly, sometimes six months, no later than a year, depending on the company’s culture, or the management review meeting, as we call it, is the subject of this article. The importance of management review meetings is indisputable, but their efficiency is debatable.

2 milyar dolarlık sıradan bir adam

An ordinary man of 2 billion $

Yazar : Adnan KARAER

A foreign visitor came to the factory. There is a Turkish translator with him. I don’t know who is he. I know only that he has a company.
In such cases, the organizational disorder has occurred from time to time and they did not inform me beforehand.
We met in the meeting room, there is the boss, I am there, there is another friend from the workplace, a Turkish translator and a foreign person.

lack of delivery performance

Delivery performance issue

Yazar : Adnan KARAER

Depending on the product you produce, the sector you are in, and the customer base you are addressing, the length and shortness of the delivery time are important.

Especially those who manufacture for sectors such as automotive know well that the punctual delivery rate followed as KPI (Key process indicator) is recalculated and monitored in each shipment. It is a parameter that is calculated and sent to you by the main customer every 3 months at worst, and is queried if you fail to meet the targets (95% and above).

On-time delivery is important, but not so easy.

I have tried to briefly discuss some issues that prevent you from delivering on time with a fishbone below.

işyerinde hızlı değişiklik

Is there anything new?

Yazar : Adnan KARAER

The boss’s son came to my my office where I was the general manager.

“Sir, something new?” he asked.

I stared him. 

I touth that any mockery in the question, but the boy has always been respectful to me, thanks to him. Although I did not see any disrespect from any of the other employees.

ilerleme planı

General manager’s plan for a company

Yazar : Adnan KARAER

None of companies is perfect, nor can it be.
In every company there is a good operation, there is a bad operation.
As a manager, it is our duty to protect and disseminate the good ones, correct the bad ones, and slowly bring the ones that are not into the corporate culture for easy digestion.
Below is a slightly rough version of the plan that I created while working as a general manager at a place, and kept to myself, keeping track of progress and updating it from time to time.
Of course, when the plan was mentioned, there was a timing schedule, goals, progress and responsibilities, and the plan was in a tabular form, but I took them out to publish here. I also removed some social and hierarchical issues and company specific issues that would reveal the company. In addition, some issues take place in two separate places. (I did that, no mistake)

measuring Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Yazar : Adnan KARAER

Large companies continue to work with this supplier for a while, even if they are not satisfied with their supplier and find an alternative, but they gradually reduce the amount of work they give to this supplier, shifting them to the other supplier. They do not suddenly leave this supplier and switch to an alternative supplier. The reason is that the new supplier gains time to develop itself and the parent company understands that it will fully trust the new supplier. In the meantime, they do not say anything to the supplier they are not satisfied with so that this supplier does not act emotionally and stop working suddenly.

ücret artışı, zam

How I had to raise my salary?

Yazar : Adnan KARAER

After a few months of hiring, it is time to increase wages. So it’s time to raise.

We talked to the boss about how much increase will be made since I am a top manager. What the boss said was the inflation rate and putting 5 points on it.
In other words, 10 percent inflation would be increased by 15 percent. It sounded reasonable, I did not object.