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ilerleme planı

General manager’s plan for a company

Yazar : Adnan KARAER

None of companies is perfect, nor can it be.

In every company there is a good operation, there is a bad operation.

As a manager, it is our duty to protect and disseminate the good ones, correct the bad ones, and slowly bring the ones that are not into the corporate culture for easy digestion.

Below is a slightly rough version of the plan that I created while working as a general manager at a place, and kept to myself, keeping track of progress and updating it from time to time.

Of course, when the plan was mentioned, there was a timing schedule, goals, progress and responsibilities, and the plan was in a tabular form, but I took them out to publish here. I also removed some social and hierarchical issues and company specific issues that would reveal the company. In addition, some issues take place in two separate places. (I did that, no mistake)

measuring Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Yazar : Adnan KARAER

Large companies continue to work with this supplier for a while, even if they are not satisfied with their supplier and find an alternative, but they gradually reduce the amount of work they give to this supplier, shifting them to the other supplier. They do not suddenly leave this supplier and switch to an alternative supplier. The reason is that the new supplier gains time to develop itself and the parent company understands that it will fully trust the new supplier. In the meantime, they do not say anything to the supplier they are not satisfied with so that this supplier does not act emotionally and stop working suddenly.


Entrepreneurship and spirit of adventure

Yazar : Adnan KARAER

Entrepreneurship is a subject that ignites most people because it nurtures the spirit of adventure of human and contains dreams.
I will not generalize by saying that everyone wants to be entrepreneurs, but most people do.
Few people can overwhelm their fears and despair to find the courage to be an entrepreneur.